What is it?

Have you ever driven somewhere and arrived at your destination only to realise that you remember nothing about your journey? This is a common example of mindlessness – we’re all so busy juggling work, family and life that we can easily lose awareness of the present moment.

Mindfulness teaches you to become more aware of what you are thinking and doing, and encourages you to use your five senses to enjoy the ‘here and now’. By being more present at home and work, you will make wiser choices and improve your quality of life.

Who needs it ?

We all live in an over-stimulated world. A world where our minds are constantly planning, problem solving, hypothesizing, imagining, analysing and reacting. A world where our minds are in ‘doing’ mode.

Are you doing any of the following on a daily basis?

  • Predicting the future
  • Catastrophising
  • Black and white/all-or-nothing thinking
  • Mind-reading
  • Disqualifying the positive
  • Assuming the worst
  • Over-generalising
  • Not tolerating uncertainty

Mindfulness can change these unhelpful patterns of thinking. By practicing mindfulness, you can spend more time in a ‘being’ mode of mind. You’ll become more responsive to life, rather than just reactive. You’ll also learn to focus a wandering mind on more positive thoughts.


Our therapists at The LightHouse use mindfulness-based therapy in sessions with individuals and couples, where appropriate. We also offer the following mindfulness-based programmes:

  • Mindfulness for children and teens; weekend workshops
  • Mindfulness Meditation 101; a monthly circle for adults

Check our events calendar for upcoming mindfulness programmes.

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