1. Be proactive.

You are responsible for your life. Decide what you will do and get on with it. Take actions that help you feel good and get the results you desire.

2. Begin with the end in mind.

Think of how you want people to remember you. What would you like people to say about you? Begin each day with your deepest values in mind and act with integrity in the moment of choice. Use this as a basis for your everyday behavior.

3. Put first things first.

Devote more time to what’s important. You have to take time for the things that are important (but not urgent), or the urgent things will take up all of your time. Take time for what is important to you!

4. Think Win-Win.

Have an abundance mentality. Seek solutions that benefit all parties. Win-Win is a frame of mind and heart that constantly seeks mutual benefit in all human interactions.

5. Seek first to understand, then to be understood.

Most people do not listen with the intent to understand; they listen with the intent to reply. Listen for feeling, for meaning. Listen with your eyes, ears, and your heart. Next, help people understand you by being honest about what you think and how you feel. Seek to always tell the truth with courage, kindness, grace, and love.

6. Synergize.

The essence of synergy is to value differences. Respect differences and compensate for weaknesses by building on strengths. Value the differences between people and share your strengths.

7. Sharpen the saw.

This habit increases personal production capability. Take time to preserve and enhance the greatest asset you have – you. Take time for yourself – physical, mental, spiritual, emotional and social – always, in all ways, every day!

Published on May 18 2016