Patient handout on regular eating

Table 6.1 from Fairburn CG, Cognitive Behavior Therapy and Eating Disorders, Guilford Press, New York, 2008.

Patient handout on “Regular Eating”

Pattern of eating

  • Breakfast
  •  (Mid-morning snack)
  • Lunch
  • Afternoon snack
  • Evening meal
  • Evening snack

“Regular Eating”

  • Points to note
  • Eat these meals and snacks, but do not eat between them
  • Do not skip any meals or snacks
  • Do not go more than four hours without eating
  • Eat what you like in the meals and snacks, so long as you do not vomit or take laxatives to compensate
  • Always know when (and roughly what) you are next going to eat

Published on Apr 13 2016