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It is hard to capture how a fantastic therapist can impact your life. This has been a process of transformation rather than development. I can comfortably say, that many people in my life are grateful that I was blessed with such a talented psychologist. Thank you for showing me the beauty and the strength that lays within me.

I sought out grief counseling after my wife’s sudden demise, leaving behind two teenage children. I knew therapy would help ease the pain. Therapy gave me immediate perspective on a major crisis, during the most difficult period of my life. It did not bring my wife back, but certainly aided us in the journey to rehabilitation, given how devastating her passing away was for us. The ambiance in The LightHouse is soothing to start with. The grief support sessions were an eye opener and gave me space to be myself without being embarrassed to express my fears, as well as to shed my tears.

The UAE is a new country and needs community work to address mental illness. Thank you, The LightHouse Arabia for bringing qualified professionals who are creating an amazing Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) program to educate this part of the world about mental health.

I loved the parenting talk at The LightHouse! I feel energized and hopeful about what I now need to do for my kids and my family. Thank you.

Thank you so much for your presentation today – it was really engaging and motivating. The event was a huge success with some really positive feedback from our company. Thanks to you and the team for a great event. I really benefitted from the presentation and was pleased to learn about the presence of The LightHouse Arabia. What a great service!

Thank you for such a thought-provoking session. I loved creating my first vision board at the Val- YOU workshop. It’s a true reflection of my visions and I look forward to watching it manifest. The stunning, welcoming space created at The LightHouse Arabia is tranquil, calm and relaxing – the perfect space to bring out the creativity in all.

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